Port of Vancouver Newest Member of Growing Washington State Trade Organization

November 18, 2014 –

The Keep Washington Competitive (KWC) coalition announced today that the Port of Vancouver, representing more than 2,300 people who work directly for port businesses and millions of dollars in economic activity throughout the Northwest, was joining its efforts to raise public awareness of critical Washington state trade, economic, and community issues.

“We believe communities can have both economic development and livability,” said Port of Vancouver CEO Todd Coleman. “There’s clear value in promoting trade growth while continuing to protect the natural environment that makes it possible for our state to produce and move goods so efficiently. We look forward to partnering with Keep Washington Competitive to encourage responsible policies and trade-industry investment.”

The Port of Vancouver is just the latest addition to the KWC coalition. Formed in early 2014, KWC continues to seek out new partners to its diverse collection of business, labor, agriculture and other trade-related groups, said Kris Johnson, a coalition advisory board member and president of the Association of Washington Business.

“We’re pleased to welcome the Port of Vancouver to our KWC ranks, and who better to have as collaborative partners than those people who are working every day to maintain and strengthen our trade connections and meet evolving industry demands,” said Kris Johnson, KWC advisory board member and president of the Association of Washington Business. “As one of the most trade-dependent states in the country, it’s critical we sustain our competitive edge and position ourselves to thrive in the international marketplace. I am confident the port and its strong leadership will add tremendous value to our shared cause.”

Randy Hayden, executive director at Port of Pasco, added: “ensuring that Washington not only maintains — but grows — its trade economy is essential to the entire state. We look forward to working with the Port of Vancouver to ensure this important work gets done, benefiting our workers, our communities and our state economy.”

For more information on the Port of Vancouver, visit their website: http://www.portvanusa.com/