Oregon Building Trades Council Resolution in support of the Vancouver Energy Terminal



Resolution to Support the Vancouver Energy Terminal

WHEREAS Vancouver Energy will safely and efficiently transfer North American crude oil from rail to ship for distribution to West Coast refineries where it will be converted into transportation fuels for American families and businesses; and

WHEREAS, at full operation, the terminal will receive up to 360,000 barrels per day of North American crude oil that could reduce imports from foreign countries to the West Coast by 30 percent, helping make America stronger and more energy independent; and

WHEREAS, of the $210 million in private investment to build the project, $45 million, or 20 percent, will be specific to environmental, health and safety measures; and

WHEREAS, in response to EFSEC and public input, Vancouver Energy has proposed many new safety measures, environmental protection enhancements and commitments above regulatory requirements for transportation, operations, incident prevention and response planning, and more; and

WHEREAS Vancouver Energy will serve as a bridge to the Northwest’s energy future by providing lower carbon crude oil from North Dakota than what is currently refined in the Northwest U.S.; this transition is equivalent to taking 250,000 cars off our roads, lowering our carbon footprint and benefiting our environment; and

WHEREAS Vancouver Energy also has an unprecedented opportunity to create family-wage jobs and stimulate our economy – creating more than 300 construction jobs and 1,000 jobs annually through operations, support activities and induced impacts, and generating a $2 billion impact to the Northwest’s economy, including $1.5 billion in labor income; and

WHEREAS a letter of understanding was signed with the Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council, International Union Operating Engineers Local 701 and the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters and their affiliates for a Project Labor Agreement in 2014, and subsequent resolutions of support from the Southwest Washington Labor Council and Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Councils were unanimously approved; and

WHEREAS the industrial job base of the state and nation must be protected and nurtured so as to foster the well-being of working Americans; and

WHEREAS the industry and construction-based employment produces family-wage jobs that reflect the value and capabilities of American workers; and

WHEREAS Vancouver Energy will provide the raw materials for products that are essential for our daily lives and for virtually every industry and economic sector in the state, from aerospace, agriculture and high tech to service and commercial businesses; and

WHEREAS the Northwest needs to encourage private investment in infrastructure that benefits our communities, businesses and families and a reliable permitting process is in place; and

WHEREAS federal, state and local governments should actively promote economic and job recovery by encouraging the private sector to reinvest in America’s industrial future and especially those businesses that have shown foresight in support of a project labor agreement;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council affirms its strong support for the project and pledges to work in all possible ways for the successful permitting and construction of the Vancouver Energy project; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council calls on all affiliated locals and members to participate in all public review processes to push for a reliable permitting timeline that will encourage businesses to flourish in the Northwest and advocate for high environmental standards and the good jobs and local and state revenues this project will bring.




Tim Frew

Executive Secretary

Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council