Rail Transports is One of Idaho’s Hidden Gems

Bonner County Bee | July 30, 2019 Did you know that we have yet another hidden treasure in the Gem State? And, it’s not what you’re thinking. It is the ability to transfer goods with efficiency, speed, and in an environmentally friendly way. Amazingly, a train can move 500 miles of freight on just one […]

Rail project is key to our future

The Lens | March 13, 2019 In the months ahead, the United States Coast Guard will make a decision regarding the future of the Sandpoint Junction Connector Project, which seeks to build a new railroad bridge across Lake Pend Oreille. They’ll consider public input, review the potential benefits and impacts, and deliver an exhaustive and thorough […]

Oregon Building Trades Council Resolution in support of the Vancouver Energy Terminal

RESOLUTION TO THE 2017 OREGON STATE BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION TRADES COUNCIL CONVENTION Resolution to Support the Vancouver Energy Terminal WHEREAS Vancouver Energy will safely and efficiently transfer North American crude oil from rail to ship for distribution to West Coast refineries where it will be converted into transportation fuels for American families and businesses; and […]

The Spokesman-Review – Knezovich, railroads tout rail safety as Spokane coal, oil train activists close in on ballot measure

The Spokesman-Review | April 20, 2017 By Kip Hill Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and representatives of the two railroads shipping coal and oil through downtown on Thursday detailed their work ensuring safe transport of the commodities. “We have been running tabletop exercises, as far as potential disasters and everything else,” Knezovich said in the […]

The Daily News (Longview) – Initial thoughts

The Daily News Longview | May 3, 2017 Millennium Bulk Terminals’ final state environmental impact statement was issued last Friday and we have some initial thoughts to share. Our view can be summarized in one word – disappointing. After five years and $15 million, the final state EIS is disappointing because it appears the state […]

Act Rationally, Not Rashly, Following Shipping Accidents

Morning Consult, Mark Chubb, 7/15/16 The recent oil train crash in Oregon has renewed calls for a ban on shipping crude by rail.  But while calling for a ban on oil rail shipments might make for good politics, the reality is that such a ban is so impractical that proposals to do so are dead […]

Editorial: Renewing overdue bids would refuel economy

The Spokesman-Review, July 24, 2015 – An overdue bid to replenish the federal Highway Trust Fund could be the vehicle for renewal of the Export-Import Bank charter. Refueling both would boost the economy. Absent congressional action, the trust fund, which finances the maintenance of crumbling highways and bridges, runs out of money July 31. The House, which […]

Spending to keep freight moving

Everett Herald, 11/1/14- SEATTLE — Most people’s eyes glaze over when they hear terms such as freight mobility and infrastructure investment. But that’s practically all anyone could talk about Monday at the Washington Trade Conference. Trade is a huge part of the state’s economy. It helps support about 40 percent of jobs here, according to […]

Why Washingtonians should care more about trade

The Seattle Times, Blanca Torres, 11/12/14 – Most people don’t think much about trade. Sure, we all know the goods we buy at the store had to come from somewhere, but do most people stop and think about where that somewhere is or how the movement happened? Probably not often. I spent several hours Monday […]