Cowlitz County Commissioner Argues for Equal Treatment Under the Law

Cowlitz County Commissioner Argues for Equal Treatment Under the Law

Last week, Cowlitz County Commissioner Dennis Weber authored a piece in The Daily News championing fair play – the idea that all are treated equally under the law. Weber’s call for this basic constitutional principle comes as Washington “abuses its environmental protection authority to attempt to regulate foreign trade, as well as interstate commerce, and in the process strangles economic growth for our community.” Specially citing the regulatory abuse toward the Millennium Bulk Terminals project led Weber to conclude: “I must protest.”

Weber reminds readers that “the U.S. Constitution… tasks Congress – not individual states – with the regulation of foreign trade and interstate commerce.” Despite this, Washington’s regulators at the behest of the Inslee Administration continue their unconstitutional blocking of the Millennium project, causing interference with foreign trade and interstate commerce.

Weber contends, “Cases are being dealt with unfairly by the Olympia overlords.” He elaborates, saying, “The arbitrary and capricious actions taken by Olympia elitists who refuse to give Cowlitz County residents the opportunity to conquer poverty with real jobs is a serious violation of due process. We should champion fair play, playing by the rules, and oppose changing the rules mid-stream.”

Washington regulators operated outside the bounds of traditional review standards when it came to the Millennium project. State agencies placed the project’s impacts “in the perspective of global scale of the world coal market,” an unprecedented approach used to deny essential permits. However, not even this attempt sufficiently explains the permit denials since research shows “a slight improvement on air quality would occur by allowing the substitution of low-sulphur coal from America for the high-sulphur coal currently used.”

The Millennium review process, which has lasted over six years, has garnered ridicule from a chorus of voices including Washington citizens, local officials, state lawmakers, and several state attorneys general.

Weber concludes with a simple plea: “Please speak out against Olympia tyranny.”