Spending to keep freight moving

Everett Herald, 11/1/14- SEATTLE — Most people’s eyes glaze over when they hear terms such as freight mobility and infrastructure investment. But that’s practically all anyone could talk about Monday at the Washington Trade Conference. Trade is a huge part of the state’s economy. It helps support about 40 percent of jobs here, according to […]

Why Washingtonians should care more about trade

The Seattle Times, Blanca Torres, 11/12/14 – Most people don’t think much about trade. Sure, we all know the goods we buy at the store had to come from somewhere, but do most people stop and think about where that somewhere is or how the movement happened? Probably not often. I spent several hours Monday […]

Business, Labor Say Ecology Goes Too Far – New Coalition to Protest ‘Overreach’ on Coal Port Project

Washington State Wire, Erik Smith, February 3, 2014 – ‘Keep Washington Competitive’ Says Commerce at Risk – Other Industries Could be Affected by Ecology Plan to Evaluate Coal-Burning in China Big players in business and labor finally can agree on something: The Department of Ecology has them spooked. The agency’s plan to write a wildly expansive environmental […]

Tribes to ask EPA to step in on clean-water rule

Seattle Times, 9/6/14 – The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission has told Gov. Jay Inslee it plans to ask the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to come up with new water-quality rules for the state. EVERETT — An alliance of Washington tribes has told Gov. Jay Inslee it plans to ask the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

Labor and Business Coalition Announces Expansion

Shared interests drive mission to address three major policy issues impacting middle-class job growth and state’s manufacturing- and trade-based economy. SEATTLE – Keep Washington Competitive, a diverse group of community leaders from business, labor, agriculture and other trade-related entities, announced a major expansion this week, following the addition of new members concerned about escalating regulatory […]