Private West Coast investment blocked, Trump eyes military bases for coal, gas exports

With private export terminal projects blocked from Washington to California, President Trump is turning his attention to U.S. military bases as a means to export energy resources abroad. This week, the Associated Press reported that the Trump administration is considering using West Coast military bases or other federal properties to ship U.S. coal and natural […]

Myth Buster: The Truth About Freight Rail in Washington State

do a little fact checking – and myth busting — on the state of Washington and its continued denouncement of freight rail. As the backbone of our state’s trade-dependent economy, you would think freight rail would be touted as the vital service it really is. Locomotives are four times as efficient as semi-trucks. Just ONE […]

Join Us! Seattle Community Rail Briefing Luncheon

Seattle Community Rail Briefing Luncheon  Rail and infrastructure are vital for the continued growth of commerce and trade within the Puget Sound region. Washington is the MOST trade-related state in the country. Please join us for lunch. We’ll hear from BSNF Railways and other leaders about the critical investments that are being made throughout this […]

Labor leader: Caution warranted on I-1631 carbon tax

Voters must weigh initiative energy price increases with jobs, environment It’s back. Washington voters will face a second carbon tax initiative this fall. And they should think carefully about the long-term implications of the measure on jobs and the economy, according to Mark Riker, executive director of the Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council […]

Inslee sounds alarm bell on exports while opposing export terminal

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee was rightfully sounding the alarm over the impact of President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs Thursday in a televised interview on CNBC.  For a trade exposed state like ours, the potential for additional tariffs is a reason for concern. But what was interesting was that in the same interview, Inslee also attempted to tout the state’s […]

Cowlitz County Commissioner Argues for Equal Treatment Under the Law

Cowlitz County Commissioner Argues for Equal Treatment Under the Law Last week, Cowlitz County Commissioner Dennis Weber authored a piece in The Daily News championing fair play – the idea that all are treated equally under the law. Weber’s call for this basic constitutional principle comes as Washington “abuses its environmental protection authority to attempt […]

Montana AG Rebukes Washington Regulatory Abuse

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox authored an op-ed in The New York Times last week excoriating the Inslee administration for its ongoing abuse of the regulatory process toward infrastructure projects in order “to pursue a predetermined, personal agenda.” Fox argues that Inslee’s “yearslong public campaign” against fossil fuels is “bad news not only for international […]

Local Leaders Continue to Decry Politicized Regulatory Process

State Senator Dean Takko (D-Longview) recently authored an op-ed in The Daily News  condemning the latest instance of the Washington Department of Ecology prioritizing its politics at the expense of facts. At issue is a recent decision prohibiting the state’s oyster growers from spraying a pesticide to kill burrowing shrimp that threaten the oyster stocks […]

Washington AGs Agree on Millennium

Former Washington Attorney General Ken Eikenberry recently wrote an op-ed in the Everett Herald criticizing state leadership for broadly overstepping the bounds of their authority in regards to the unconstitutional use of a “regulatory wall” to block the Millennium Bulk Terminals export project. Eikenberry is not the state’s only former top law enforcement official to […]

Washington’s Trade Economy Needs Infrastructure Development

With its robust industries and coastal geography, Washington state continues to be a national leader in trade. A recent op-ed in the Seattle Times by Edward R. Hamberger, president and CEO of the Association of American Railroads, reminds us just how powerful of an economic driver international trade is for the state. In the United […]