Build It: Millennium Shoreline Permit Hearing Draws Supporters

Public hearing again draws testimony from labor, business, trade

— Thursday’s shoreline hearing for Millennium Bulk Terminals again drew hundreds of supporters from business organizations, construction trade groups, pro-trade and export groups. The public hearing marked the first day of what could be up to four days of public testimony on the shoreline permit for Millennium, running through Nov. 7, with more supporters expected to testify Friday.

“For the past five years, we have supported Millennium, the jobs it would provide, the economic benefits it would bring and the infrastructure it would create for Southwest Washington. Today, our resolve remains the same:  This project represents a vital piece of Washington state’s export infrastructure, one that would benefit our entire economy once built,” said John Stuhlmiller, CEO of the Washington Farm Bureau. “In the end, this is not just about coal. This is about any commodity that ships thorough Washington state.”

Lee Newgent, president of the Washington Building & Construction Trades Council, said Thursday’s hearing was one more opportunity to show how vital Millennium is to those in the labor community.

“No one wants this project more than our people, who have been waiting almost six years to get to work and build this right. Major infrastructure projects like this are how we train the next generation of the construction trades,” said Newgent. “We understand the concerns about the environment and we want to see this built in a way that manages those concerns with jobs and the economy. It has to be a balance.”